Key Issues

Here are my priorities


1.   Affordable Housing

  • We are in a housing crisis and MUST work harder to build affordable homes for families and the missing middle. This means prioritizing townhouses, duplexes, laneway housing, gentle infill, purpose-built rentals, and single-family lot divisions. It’s time to get creative. 

  • We must improve and leverage our relationships with all levels of government (Metro, provincial and federal) to secure support for affordable housing. 

  • Transit-oriented development (TOD) – we need to get folks out of their cars and make full use of our Skytrain stations. Density (and associated bonuses) should be focused along transit corridors. That's good for traffic and the environment.

  • Prioritize senior housing for our aging population that wish to downsize but stay in Port Moody.

2.    Demand Fiscal Responsibility

  • Review industrial business tax rates, encourage new commercial and industrial business investments, and highlight the benefits that businesses bring to our community.

  • Rein in Council spending on personal pet projects and costly external consultants - these expenses grew by 70% in the last four years.

  • Eliminate wasteful City and Council spending to minimize residential taxes.

  • Review the $500K per year “New Initiatives Fund” reserved for personal Council projects. This could be funding upgraded amenities and infrastructure.

3.    Restore Integrity and Good Governance to City Hall

  • We need to work with all levels of government (Metro, provincial and federal levels) to repair our tattered reputation, reduce regional congestion, secure support for affordable housing, and fund key capital and infrastructure projects in our community. Current council majority is, by all accounts, not respected by other municipalities and politicians – this must change. 

  • Stop micromanaging staff and start listening to our in-house experts. The lack of respect shown to staff members by some members of council is reprehensible.

  • Support the establishment of a Provincial Ethics Commissioner to address City official misconduct and enforce a Workplace Code of Conduct for elected officials. The lack of oversight in this regard has allowed the toxicity at City Hall to continue for the last four years. 

  • Mandate Council meeting lengths and put a stop to lengthy staff overtime costs.

4.     Prioritize Environmental and Climate Change Initiatives

  • Revitalize and expand smaller, neighbourhood parks – we must diversify beyond Rocky Point Park. I'd like to focus on providing parkland to the neighbourhoods in our community that are currently underserved as identified in this 2022 report, beginning on page 9.

  • Concentrate any densification around mass/rapid transit to get people out of their cars.

  • Incentivize reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for local businesses and implement new green initiatives at City Hall.

  • Proposed Update to Environmentally Sensitive Areas Management (ESA) – we must do a better job protecting our coastlines while respecting private property rights.