"I met Kyla in 2021 while working together on a Community Covid Relief project.  I have since come to know her while working on other community events and discussing the future of Port Moody.  I am confident that as a Port Moody Councillor, Kyla will bring an open mind, consensus building skills and a good work ethic.
Kyla Knowles represents a positive future for the community and a new perspective on the wide range of challenges facing Port Moody in the next 4 years." 

- Jo-Anne Parneta
Former Port Moody City Councillor
Current Treasurer, College Park Community Association

Alistair Henry
Ribfest Volunteer Coordinator
Rotary Club of Port Moody

"Kyla has given her time on multiple occasions to assist the Rotary Club of Port Moody in our community fundraising efforts, including on fairly short notice. She joined us this summer to volunteer at A Night From Nashville which raised money for the Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. She also graciously gave up a weekend to help serve in the VIP Zone at Ribfest and she went to the trouble to get her serving it right certificate just for us! At both events Kyla showed up with a smile on her face, ready to work. She’s got a great attitude and exudes community spirit which is what you want from someone on city council. "

Mike Clay
Mayor of Port Moody (2011-2018)

Councillor Port Moody (2005-2011)

Rotary Club of Port Moody

"I’ve met and volunteered with Kyla on several occasions and am pleased to endorse her for City Council.  She has a solid grasp of the issues at City Hall, has exciting new ideas for moving our great city forward, and appears to understand the issues facing Port Moody that require immediate attention and priority. "

John Grasty
Past and present member of many City Committees

"I have the pleasure of serving on the Parks and Recreation Commission with Kyla and have been impressed with her thoughtful consideration of the issues and enthusiastic and meaningful participation. She sticks to the facts in an unbiased manner and has a demonstrated record of listening to all voices at the table. In addition, Kyla’s many years of experience with Boards of Directors, Board Committees and Parliamentary Procedure attest to her ability to cooperatively work with diverse personalities for consensus-making. I have no doubt that Kyla will make an exceptional Councillor for Port Moody and represent us well."

Gerry Nuttall

"I am pleased to endorse Kyla Knowles for Port Moody City Council. She is passionate about our community and has a clear understanding of issues facing Port Moody. Our next City Council must return to good governance and fiscal responsibility. They will only accomplish that through respect for each other with an open view of what is best for the community. I know that Kyla is just the person we need."

Dave Reynolds
President & CEO of NorLand Limited

"Kyla is friendly and engaging and goes above and beyond in her work and any asks of her time. She is an excellent communicator, a confident negotiator, a creative thinker, and flexible in her approach to complicated and sensitive issues."

Rick DeHart
Port Moody Small Business Owner (Stonehouse Property Care Services Ltd., Fraser Mills Fermentation Company)

"Kyla has a keen understanding of the challenges facing the Port Moody business community, particularly as it relates to tax rates and attracting new businesses. She is passionate about our City and works hard to understand and source the precise facts of the matters before her."