I would be incredibly grateful for your support over the next three months as I work to share my platform with the residents of Port Moody.  Ways you can support me include:

  • CASH DONATIONS - Your donation will help me get the word out online and via paid advertising, flyers and lawn signage.  Please click my Donate button!

  • SIGNAGE - Ask me for a sign to display on your lawn, your window, or in your neighbourhood! I'll happily drop one off for you, just use the below form to send me a request. 

  • INTRODUCTIONS - Share my campaign with your friends! If you're planning a block party or neighbourhood BBQ, I'd love to meet your circle.  Please send me a message using the form below.

  • DOOR KNOCKING - I'm actively recruiting volunteers to come door knocking with me.  I feel safer door knocking with a friend, so if you'd be willing to lend me 3 hours of your time on a date of your choosing, I'd appreciate your help!


I know what matters to me; please get in touch and tell me what matters to YOU.